As any loved one of an addict/alcoholic can tell you, the problem of chemical dependency runs deep and does not offer a “quick fix” solution. It’s a messy problem that factors in some combination of the user’s genetics, attitude, disposition, personal history, mental health, and more. But don’t get discouraged! As monolithic as it may seem at the base of the hill, there are many recovering addicts who made the journey and have since gathered years of sobriety under their belt. New Start provides the resources to make that first step toward a clean and sober life.



The Role of Mental Health

Our program takes a holistic approach to treatment that goes beyond the initial phase of detox and “testing clean.” While that’s an important place to start, lasting recovery takes effort and must address the underlying issues that drive problematic behavior. Dual diagnosis describes addicts who have a mental health disorder concurrent with their addiction. Since our staff therapists have years of experience working with dual diagnosis clients, New Start offers a safe recovery environment that balances healing with accountability.