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April 1, 2020

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Health & Safety Notice

New Start Recovery remains open and committed to providing critical addiction treatment amidst coronavirus. We are continuing to admit clients with increased precautions and will continue to do so until further notice.

“Our goal is to always keep our clients & your loved ones safer in our care than anywhere else.”

We are taking extreme precautionary measures to ensure our clients safety as well as ensuring their comfort and concerns are continuously managed during this time and attempting to reduce anxiety for our clients in an uncertain situation.

Our Staff is Prepared

The safety and wellness of our clients and staff is always our main concern. Here is an update on the quarantine precautions we are taking across the facilities:

  • Increased housekeeping and sanitizing procedures for infection control, specifically in areas of high usage such as door handles, communal areas, etc. Following all guidelines set by the State of California and The Joint Commission.
  • Increased sanitary supplies including antibacterial soap, hand sanitizers, bleach, and disinfectant sprays.
  • Increased cleaning and maintenance for a complete and thorough wipe down of all residences and common areas.
  • Implemented additional staff training and education on appropriate hygiene protocols and all staff are aware of all prevention, management, and containment protocols.

All employees who show any potential signs and symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent home and not allowed to return until cleared medically. (Symptoms are fever, coughing and respiratory issues)

Employees planning to travel out of the country, go on a cruise or visit a highly infected area will not be allowed to work until medically cleared and after a 14-day self-quarantine.

All staff that is not required to have client interaction are working remotely.

No site visits or tours will be allowed until deemed appropriate.

Visitors, delivery staff or contractors will not be allowed into the facility.

Keeping Clients Safe

For our clients we have and will be implementing:

  • All new clients will be prescreened with specific questions relating to the coronavirus and recommended by the CDC and WHO (World Health Organization) clients will be denied admission if there are any red flags. Screening: New Start Recovery screens all patients prior to admission to determine personal travel history, potential exposure, potential contact with someone who has traveled to areas of concern, any direct contact by the patients with persons diagnosed with COVID-19, and any symptoms of illness. Those who screen positive will not be admitted to treatment. Those who screen negative will be eligible for admission.
  • All client outings have been temporarily postponed (this includes outside meetings).
  • All grocery shopping will be done by staff, we have also stocked up on food, vitamins, and all essential items that may be needed by clients during this period.
  • Clients have been instructed to report to medical staff any symptoms.
  • Constant hand washing throughout the day.

Our therapists have been trained on the effects of anxiety related to COVID-19 and are running groups at facilities to address concerns.

We are constantly monitoring daily updates.

From the DOH and the CDC as well as the CA Department of Health, key government, regulatory, and local entities for the latest information and guidelines. As a treatment center, we already follow incredibly strict health and safety guidelines including frequent sanitation and medical infection control procedures. Our goal is to continue to provide the best care for our clients and staff in the safest way possible.

In the midst of a pandemic, we must not forget our nation is STILL facing an opioid crisis. Every day, people are continuing to reach out for help. Though COVID-19 warrants necessary precautions to keep people safe, individuals struggling with substance use disorders should not be prohibited from receiving life-saving treatment.


Detoxing from certain substances can be fatal if not monitored by treatment professionals. We make clients as comfortable as possible during their withdrawals by administering and tracking the appropriate detox medications.


Once someone is fully tapered from their drink or drug of choice, they need to go through treatment. Inpatient therapy teaches them healthy coping skills to live a sober lifestyle under supervision of clinical staff.


An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides necessary therapeutic resources for people who are newly sober. Access to treatment professionals outside of residential care helps people transition from inpatient.

New Start Recovery

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New Start Recovery understands that you can’t just wake up one day and say, “Hey, I don’t think I want to be an addict anymore. Now that I’ve decided to quit, I’m cured!” Addiction is insidious in how it creeps up when we least expect it. Recovery is a process, and New Start supports you every step of the way. Our high level of care includes both detox and residential care. No matter where a client is in their addiction, New Start goes above and beyond through our licensed therapists, tailored treatment plans, in-house chefs, sober fitness, and more.


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Orange County offers the ideal environment for detox and recovery with our year-round sunshine and close proximity to the beach. Want to take a closer look at our in-patient housing and fun program activities? Check out New Start photos, videos, and alumni events!

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New Start takes a lot of pride in the quality of our staff. Our licensed and experienced therapists set us apart from other treatment centers by helping our clients to feel stable, grow their coping skills, and actualize a healthier sober lifestyle beyond our program.

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Recovery doesn’t end when our clients are discharged. We understand that sobriety a long term process that requires ongoing support. Network with other alumni through sponsored events and our Amplified fitness program.

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Did someone say Taco Tuesday? New Start Recovery offers a weekly Tuesday open fellowship meeting at our alumni house in Santa Ana… and we are not ashamed to lure people in with tacos. Talk to Paul, our admissions & outreach director, for more information.

We’re always excited to see new faces! Check out our new open Family Support Group!

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Joint Commission Complaint Number: 800-994-6610
In the event you have a complaint or need to contact Joint Commission, please call.

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I am so grateful for the way the staff handled my flashback episodes and the loving compassion that they gave me. I’ll never forget you guys and hope to come back to share my experience. I am so sad to move on. Thanks a million.Anonymous Client Review

New Start Recovery

New Start Recovery

New Start Recovery

The staff was amazing; Jeff and David made me feel at home and gave great advice. The food was outstanding. Overall the best detox experience possible, very clean and good people with over the top support. It actually looks and feels like the internet says.Anonymous Client Review

New Start Recovery

New Start Recovery

My experience here goes beyond words I can write. I have come to see the staff as friends, teachers, and family. I look forward to connecting with all/some at meetings and work outs on the other side of New Start Recovery. Thank you for helping me get a new foundation towards a new life.D.B., Review

New Start Recovery

New Start Recovery

New Start Recovery

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