OxyContin detox is the treatment of misuse and dependence of oxycodone, a synthetic analgesic drug similar to morphine. When medically administered and taken as prescribed, OxyContin can have a positive effect in the lives of patients recovering from invasive surgeries, injuries or diseases. However, the risk, not only for addicts but also for anyone who has a genetic predisposition for addiction, is that OxyContin can activate or re-activate this with use. There is a misconception that it’s impossible to become addicted to prescription pain medications, particularly if you’re not seeking out the drug to get high. The problem with opioid analgesic medication is that one builds tolerance and the drug becomes less effective in relieving pain symptoms. OxyContin dependence is characterized by continued patterns of oxycodone use, an uncontrollable need to block pain with the drug, which goes beyond the scope of the legitimate prescription.

How to detox from OxyContin

OxyContin is an opiate narcotic pain reliever, affecting the central nervous system, blocking pain and creating a sense of contentment and euphoria. Long term or habitual use will cause withdrawal symptoms once you stop taking it. If wondering how to detox from OxyContin, it’s not recommended you try quitting on your own, chemical dependency typically requires sub-acute detox under the care of a trained staff. Withdrawal symptoms will usually begin six to 30 hours after last use of the drug, and commonly include:



Muscle aches


Abdominal cramping




Once someone who had been using OxyContin begins to increase their dosage, they are at a much greater risk for dangerous complication when withdrawing. The possible side effects of OxyContin withdrawal are headaches, dizziness, fatigue, seizures, loss of consciousness, coma and death. Addiction has significant physical and emotional consequences, and often requires outside help in order to jumpstart a successful recovery process.

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What to expect with OxyContin Detox at New Start

Our clinicians begin OxyContin detox with a comprehensive evaluation of each client to generate a working knowledge of their medical history, history of abuse as well as their personal well-being and psychological condition. Part of the initial health assessment involves a physical examination, including a visual screening of the patient. Once the initial health assessment is completed, our clinical staff members work with our client to establish an effective treatment plan. Our team has experience working with patients prescribed OxyContin and are capable of assigning severity level based on variables such as age, number of years using, amount used per week, family history and any underlying mental or physical disorders. Withdrawing from OxyContin can be a challenging process, and at New Start, our clients receive 24/7 care. We are committed to providing a safe and comfortable treatment ensuring the ability of patients to successfully overcome their addiction.

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