Getting help for alcohol addiction doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Although the obstacles may seem insurmountable at first, the biggest one is really accepting the need for help in the first place. At that point, the alcohol treatment process can begin. But it’s important to understand the importance of clinical supervision for alcohol detox.

Alcohol Treatment Is Dangerous Alone

There is a pervasive attitude out there that people should just “pull themselves up by the bootstraps” when it comes to dealing with their problems. But that can actually be fatal for alcoholics looking to quit alcohol. After prolonged periods of drinking, the body builds tolerance to liquor in the system, and actually becomes dependent on it.

Defeat the stigma. Get help and live your life free of addiction.

Understanding Alcohol Dependency


Withdrawing from alcohol can shut down critical body functions. In 2017, we saw True Blood actor Nelsan Ellis die from complications of alcohol withdrawal. While we don’t know his personal situation, his story is all too common. The shame and stigma surrounding alcoholism likely kept him from seeking professional help (especially as a celebrity). That help could have saved his life, which now serves as a cautionary tale.

For heavy drinkers with a long history of abusing alcohol, clinically supervised in-patient detox offers a safe way to withdraw from liquor.

Alcohol Treatment

Phases of Alcohol Treatment

Getting sober through a treatment program is the best way to make the change stick long term. It is a common mistake for non-addicts to think that Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is the answer for alcoholics to get sober; however, people can’t just jump straight into AA. These meetings are helpful at any stage of recovery, but they are not enough on their own. Most notably, the majority of the recovering alcoholics there have already been through treatment. Alcohol treatment (as with any drug) is broken down into three basic stages.

Step 1

Alcohol Detox

Step 3


New Start Recovery Offers Alcohol Treatment

One of our main missions at New Start Recovery is to offer a full continuum of care for people seeking treatment for addiction. We started as a detox facility in 2013, and our commitment to quality shines through with master’s level clinicians, Tempur-Pedic beds, and three therapy groups a day at the detox level (FYI – this is well above our industry standard). For the interest of getting full alcohol treatment (rather than just detoxing and going right back to hitting the bottle), we encourage that clients continue into residential care after their detox is complete.

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