Recovery goes beyond the initial phase of getting clean. Although we encourage clients to spend as much time in our residential program as needed, closely supervised in-house care eventually comes to an end. We help all clients with this transition by creating a thorough action plan before discharge. The first step is to build a safe, healthy, and sober environment where clients can resume their lives outside of our walls. New Start recommends that clients take advantage of our IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) while residing in one of our sober living homes.


Recovery is Ongoing

A new clean and sober lifestyle will only stick if you continue working on recovery after discharge. An Intensive Outpatient Program can help with that.

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Sober Living

A Supportive Environment

It’s best to be surrounded with people who share your goals. Sober living houses help keep clients accountable after detox and residential care is over.

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IOP (Intensive Outpatient)

IOP is the ideal next step after residential care. In this outpatient phase of recovery, clients live offsite and go to their IOP treatment center for group and occasional individual therapy. The structure of these programs varies greatly. New Start’s IOP offers a 90-day structure built with three tiered 30-day phases.

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All tiers are 30 days. Bronze (the first tier) has the most treatment hours as clients come in for five hours a day, five days a week. Once these first 30 days are completed, clients phase into silver and are entrusted with less IOP treatment days. This structured approach allows clients to gradually build their new sober independence while still supporting and keeping them accountable to a program.

Life Skills Coach

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Budgeting Assistance
Academic/Occupational Success
Sobriety Mentorship
Time Management
Medication Management

Therapy Approach

Individual & Group Settings

Coping Skills
Crisis Management
Emotional Regulation
WRAP & Matrix Model
Seeking Safety

We require individuals in our IOP to attend a certain number of AA/NA meetings every week. This provides the framework for a continued support system after they’ve completed our program. New Start hosts two weekly meetings specifically for IOP clients and alumni. Check out our event calendar to see the schedule for these meetings.

Sober Living Recommended

For many individuals, especially those continuing with IOP, sober living is the ideal environment.  Managed homes provide accountability through rule structures. A typical sober living facility will be a multiple bedroom house located in a suburb, much like a family home. They are filled with other addicts and alcoholics who are also in recovery. That’s a good thing! It means all members of the house share the goal of sobriety.

New Start Offers Sober Living

Our program spans the entire recovery experience. New Start’s male sober living home in Santa Ana is within minutes of our other detox, residential, and IOP facilities. The home also hosts open fellowship meetings every Tuesday evening that are frequented by our alumni. It’s a great opportunity for recovering addicts and alcoholics to build a sober support network.

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