Benzo detox treats dependence on Benzodiazepines, which are a group of sedatives used for a variety of medical symptoms such as anxiety disorders, muscle spasms, insomnia, seizures, and alcohol withdrawal syndrome. They act on the central nervous system, producing almost immediate effects of sedation and muscle relaxation, lower anxiety levels and can be prescribed for short-term, intermittent use. Physical dependence has been reported with as little as one month of use, and can cause addiction faster than any other substance. Detoxing from benzodiazepines without medical supervision can be extremely dangerous. Although not every addict faces life-threatening circumstances, precautions should be taken. At New Start Recovery our facility provides comfort, safety and education while working with recommended doctors to achieve the best results for each patient.

How to detox from benzos

In general, mood-altering substances are the strongest reinforcing addictive substances for patients with a predisposition for chemical dependence. Benzodiazepine has a rapid onset of action, generally a high potency effect per dosage and a brief duration of action. Chronic benzodiazepine use can cause depression, nausea, sleep difficulties, and anxiety attacks. Ataxia, intoxication, coma, respiratory depression, and death are symptoms of an overdose. These drugs taken in combination with other drugs of abuse by patients with addiction disorders, increases the potential for fatal overdose. There is also a significant risk of seizure, stroke, heart attack, or hallucination if you stop taking the drug suddenly, so it is imperative to seek medical help for Benzo detox. Some of the symptoms of withdrawal are:



Hand tremor

Low energy

Disturbed sleep




Recovering from benzodiazepine dependence is most effective in restoring the body’s natural balance when in a calm and well monitored setting, with support, care and comfort.

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What to expect with Benzo detox at New Start

If considering how to detox from benzos it’s important to treat both the physical dependence and the cause for needing the drug and its effects. The longer benzos are taken as treatment, the less effective they become in actually curing anxiety disorders. While they chemically cause relaxation, the effect is short lived, so it’s important the condition for which this drug is prescribed is treated with additional help. At New Start, patients are encouraged through a variety of methods, to discover and treat the root of their addiction. Through group and individual therapy, the client learns about their addiction and how to prevent relapse in the future. Our clinicians begin with a comprehensive evaluation of each client to gain a working knowledge of their medical history, history of abuse as well as psychological conditions which may be of concern. A physical assessment, including a vision screening, will also be completed. Once the initial health assessment is completed, our clinical staff members work closely with patients to design a treatment plan tailored to individual needs. Committing to detox is the best way to ensure your individual recovery needs are met, providing a calm environment allowing you to concentrate on the steps which need to be taken to live free from addiction.

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