Addiction will always be a part of a person’s past. But there is hope for it to stay there permanently if the recovering addict chooses to build a life that thrives through carefully maintained sobriety.

Part of our job at New Start Detox is to help clients build the foundation for that clean & sober life. In addition to the other amenities offered by our program, we believe it is important to prepare for that new way of living.

Discussion Topics

  • Find rewarding sober hobbies
  • Learn the tools to deal with life’s problems without substances
  • Find friends that support recovery and let go of the ones who don’t
  • Build fellowship with other recovering addicts

The following articles aim to help fulfill that objective. They can also be useful for loved ones in understanding how to support their recovering addict’s new life. Change is never easy, but with addiction, it’s necessary to achieve a safe, rewarding, and independent life.