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Choosing The Right Drug Detox Facility

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Choosing The Right Drug Detox Facility

Choosing The Right Drug Detox FacilityWhen it comes time for you to decide whether or not to enroll in a drug detox facility, it is a decision not easily made. There are many choices when it comes to finding am addiction treatment center and it can be as simple as hearing an ad on the radio. Most detox facilities claim to be the best, which makes your decision even more difficult. If you’re seeking a detox center in Southern California for yourself, a friend, or a family member, there is some important information to remember.

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What Happens in Drug Detox?

The initial step of drug detox is the withdrawal stage. When you stop using a particular substance, your body has to adjust and get rid of it entirely. Withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on a few factors:

  • Type of drug taken
  • Amount, length of time used
  • How often they are used

The severity of these symptoms will often depend on the severity of drug use.

During this stage, you may experience a range of physical symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting, tremors or sweating. Psychological symptoms include anxiety and depression. Some people also report experiencing hallucinations and seizures during this stage. While these withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable and distressing, it is important to remember that they will subside as your body adjusts and begins to heal.

The second stage of drug detox is the stabilization phase, which is when you will work with a physician or healthcare provider who can help you manage these symptoms in a safe way. They may prescribe medications to ease some of the uncomfortable side effects during detox. Reducing stress, staying hydrated and eating a healthy diet are also important during this phase.

The third stage of drug detox is the recovery phase, which is when you will begin to get support and guidance to help you stay on the road to recovery. This may include joining a 12 step program or therapy sessions with a mental health professional. Many people experience motivation to change during this stage and find that it is the best time to reflect on their drug use.

Educate Yourself on the Right Orange County Drug Detox Facility

Studies show that long-term addiction treatment centers reach the highest rate of success; so choosing a detox center with long-term services would benefit you most. As discussed, the first step to help eliminate drug addiction begins with drug detox. Whether it’s cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, OxyContin, or marijuana; each has its own detox protocol. It’s important to work with licensed professionals at a safe and secure detox center to ensure best results, and succeed in your recovery.

Drug addiction includes psychological and physical components that negatively impact the brain and body. Addicted individuals become addicted to the feeling produced by drugs and continue to use the drugs to achieve the desired effect. A detox facility provides an atmosphere that helps cope with the withdrawal effects that emanate from drug detox.

Get Help Now

Drug detox can be a challenging process, but there are many resources available to help you through the process safely and effectively. For example, medical treatment programs can administer medications to help you manage withdrawal symptoms and avoid going back to using. With professional help, you can transition out of drug use and get on the path to clean living.

It’s comforting to know that licensed and trained professionals stand ready to help with one-on-one sessions, group sessions, and therapy services. Addiction treatment centers are available to provide people suffering with addiction with all of the tools that they need to succeed in their recovery.

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