Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Orange County

Substance addiction is unforgiving, no matter how young, strong, or healthy you are. At New Start Recovery, we have seen many lives lost because of it, and all of them had a chance at salvation. For this reason, we have built our substance abuse treatment centers in Orange County to save people like you from certain death.

The cure for substance addiction

Since both drug addiction and alcoholism are chronic disorders, there is no medical cure to consider. That doesn’t mean that the battle is over before even fighting it. To defeat substance addiction is to detox, overcome withdrawal, and adopt a life-long relapse prevention management plan. In other words, overcoming addiction by yourself is an almost impossible task.

You can only do that in a professional rehab center, where you will receive 24/7 supervision throughout the recovery process. At our facility, we offer:

  • Modern amenities for increased comfort and peace of mind
  • A qualified staff, including health professionals, certified clinicians, and experienced therapists
  • Top long-term recovery programs
  • Extensive aftercare and support
  • Tested and certified medical and psychiatric procedures, as well as a variety of psychotherapies
  • Recreational activities for physical, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation, etc.

Compared to other rehab centers or detox facilities, we don’t just focus on one aspect of addiction; we focus on all of them. Primarily, we address the causes of addiction, its effects on your personal life, and on preventing the long-term consequences.

Maintain sobriety after rehab

Remaining sober after rehab is the goal of every recovering addict, but success is not always guaranteed. At our substance abuse treatment centers in Orange County, we want to help you maintain sobriety for the rest of your life because we believe it’s possible. We have designed our treatment program to work outside the walls of our facility, and its continued success is proof of its efficiency.

We achieve this through several programs:

  • Clinical assessment and detoxification – By assessing your clinical profile, we get a good grasp of the ideal approach to treatment when it comes to detox and therapeutic strategies. The detox program will then provide you with the tools to control withdrawal, prevent relapse, rewire the addicted brain’s neuropathways.
  • Residential care – It is ideal for people in more advanced stages of addiction, who need supervision 24/7. During the program, you will participate in advanced psychotherapies, including dual-diagnosis, to provide mental and emotional support and healing.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program – The outpatient program serves as a bridge between residential care and social reintegration. You will participate in support groups and continue your treatment, but you will no longer reside at our facility.
  • Aftercare – We focus our attention on preparing you for your return home. This means teaching coping skills, relapse prevention strategies, personal development advice, etc.

Our substance abuse treatment centers in Orange County serve as the ideal facilities for people battling all forms of addictions. Contact New Start Recovery, and let our experts take control of the situation! You deserve a second chance to freedom!

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Orange County
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Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Orange County
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