Residential Treatment Centers In Orange County Ca

If you’re looking to find reliable residential treatment centers in Orange County, CA, New Star Recovery is the ideal rehab destination for you. We offer personalized rehab in Orange County, CA, patient-oriented detox services, and impeccable customer support and care for a safe and comfortable recovery experience.

Here is what to expect at our drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility:

Substance addiction detox and treatment

Our leading drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County offers patient-oriented detox and recovery services, including medication, therapy, and counseling. Our team can cover all major addictions, including methadone, cocaine, meth, heroin, opioids, alcohol, oxycontin, benzos, etc. This wide range of services transforms our detox center in Orange County, CA, into a safe haven for individuals struggling with advanced addictions and severe withdrawal.

We know how important the detox process is for our patients’ recovery, which is why we use personalized detox programs to achieve fast and reliable results. Unlike other rehab facilities, we tailor our recovery programs to our patients’ clinical and unique profiles during the intake process. This is where our clinicians will gather crucial information about your medical history, addiction specifics, and co-occurring disorders to create a patient-oriented detox procedure for extensive short and long-term benefits.

Personalized dual diagnosis treatment

Most addicts show signs of underlying mental problems, some of which are responsible for triggering the addictive behavior, while others are the direct consequence of their addictions. We offer comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment during our drug and detox in Orange County, California, to address these issues and provide patients with relief and comfortable recovery.

Untreated problems like anxiety, depression, PTSD, or personality disorder, can severely impact your ability to recover and remain sober over the years. In most scenarios, these problems will cause you to resort to alcohol or drugs to manage their symptoms, causing you to relapse as a result. Our dual diagnosis treatment will prevent that by providing a long-term medication management plan, along with extensive aftercare services as necessary.

Solving personal issues

We believe that addiction has deeper roots than most people believe. At the core of the addictive behavior, there is always something more serious, like internalized traumas, life crises, mental problems, self-esteem issues, etc. The list can go on indefinitely since all individuals are unique, with unique problems and circumstances. Our job is to carefully assess each case and determine the best course of action for each of them.

Our best rehab for addiction in Orange County offers comprehensive addiction education and personal development guidance and counseling. This approach promotes mental, spiritual, and moral growth, as individuals will learn how to:

  • Grow more confident in themselves, more positive, and with higher self-esteem
  • Understand their lives’ meaning and purpose
  • Learn how to fight for what they want, including a stable family, a flourishing career, etc.

For premier residential treatment centers in Orange County, CA, we invite you to New Start Recovery today! You can contact our team of rehabilitation experts at (855) 737-7363 for an in-depth discussion about our payment and treatment options and services.

Residential Treatment Centers In Orange County Ca
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Residential Treatment Centers In Orange County Ca
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