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Outpatient Rehab Phoenix

Outpatient Rehab Phoenix

Rehabilitation from addiction is a life-saving process for a lot of people today. At Continuum Recovery Center, we have created the most wholesome outpatient rehab in Phoenix to change people’s lives.

The best outpatient rehab program

The ideal outpatient rehabilitation program is one that allows you to pursue rehab treatment without canceling your daily obligations. While in the rehab, you can still work, care for your family, complete your social and educational tasks, and remain socially active. Compared to inpatient care, outpatient treatment is ideal for those who are not in critical condition, as it offers:

  • More affordable fees
  • Improved psychological and emotional comfort
  • Convenient schedule
  • Improved confidentiality if you want to keep your treatment secret from coworkers and people outside your family
  • Constant support even outside the rehab center, etc.

We know that all forms of addiction can destroy a person’s life fast and, many times, irremediably. The outpatient treatment is perfect if you want to go clean and turn your life around starting today.

What happens in rehab?

We offer personalized treatment approaches depending on the individual’s clinical profile and personal needs. Overall, however, the rehab process follows several steps, including:

  • Clinical assessment – During the first phase, our clinicians will want to find out as much about you as possible. This includes information about the substance that you’re using, the withdrawal symptoms, your mental health status, family history regarding mental issues, etc. This will help our experts lay out the foundation for the rehab program to come.
  • MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment) – MAT is a protective measure against PAWS (Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome), and it works in tandem with the detox program to stabilize and improve your condition. It also serves as an excellent tool for long-term sobriety during our outpatient rehab in Phoenix.
  • Counseling and therapies – One-on-one counseling sessions and group therapies are ideal for improving our clients’ state of mind. These sessions will also help you deal with negative emotions and teach you how to think positively and remain optimistic.
  • Aftercare and relapse prevention – Our experts will help you devise a long-term relapse prevention plan to make sure you will maintain a lifetime of sobriety. This plan will include avoiding social triggers, discovering new hobbies, setting long-term life goals, dealing with cravings, etc.

Effective outpatient rehab

Our outpatient rehab in Phoenix comprises of a holistic approach to drug and alcohol recovery, hence its effectiveness. Studies show that medication alone is not enough for protecting people against relapse since it comes with a multitude of downfalls. This includes new forms of drug dependency and addiction in more severe cases.

At Continuum Recovery Center, we have built the most well-rounded rehab experience, perfectly suitable for all degrees of addiction. If you require urgent assistance, we urge you to call us and make an appointment soon! The success of the recovery depends on how fast you act and allow our experts to take control of the situation.

Outpatient Rehab Phoenix

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