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Drug rehabilitation

Drug rehabilitation

Royal Life Centers has changed the lives of several individuals battling addiction with a highly effective drug rehabilitation treatment program. We create personalized treatment plans for each patient in rehab and equip them with essential tools to lead a sober life.

What drug rehab services do you have?

As one of the most popular drug treatment centers, we offer medical detox, residential inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, sober living options, and outpatient therapy. As the top addiction rehab centers, we tailor our treatments to cater to each of our guests' unique needs. 

What therapies do you use to address addiction?

We use psychotherapies and evidence-based behavioral modalities, such as individual therapy, equine therapy, activity therapy, adventure therapy, etc., to help patients embrace sobriety. Using behavioral therapies, we identify the underlying causes of addiction and equip patients with critical life skills and coping mechanisms for a sober life.

What makes your rehab stand out from the rest?

Set in a breathtaking location, we offer the highest quality addiction treatment and medical care in a sophisticated facility, far from the noise of city life. With a dedicated, experienced, and friendly staff team, we use evidence-based psychotherapies and follow a customized addiction treatment program approach to help patients attain a safe, speedy, and sustainable recovery.

What housing facilities do you offer your patients?

Our facility offers top-notch housing, opulent dining arrangements, lavish group therapy rooms, private accommodations, and spacious common areas. As a guest at our rehab, you have access to a spacious bedroom equipped with a flat-screen TV and dish network. Our guests have access to Xbox One, movies, and board games in the common areas when not engaged in the addiction rehab process. We have an in-house chef who prepares sumptuous breakfast, lunch, and dinner, an assortment of snacks and beverages for our residents.

What insurance do you accept?

As one of the finest addiction rehab centers, we accept all major insurances. Visit our website and fill a form to find out if we accept your insurance. Alternatively, you may also call us at 877-732-6837 to learn about the payment options we offer and the available insurances.

What are some of the privileges you offer guests?

We entertain, accommodate, and make our guests feel at home during the stay at our rehab. By offering our residents a clean and welcoming facility, we allow them to focus on healing and recovery in a stress-free environment. As one of the 'best addiction treatment near me,' we go to great lengths to ensure that our guests feel loved and supported at all times. We also organize outdoor activities twice a week to promote our patients' physical and mental wellness.

Your path to sobriety is just a phone call away. Call 877-732-6837 to join Royal Life Centers. As the #1 drug rehabilitation facility, we treat the underlying cause of addiction in patients and equip them with critical coping skills, setting them up for a lifetime of success with sobriety. 

Drug rehabilitation

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