young man seeking drug rehab unitedhealthcare will coverFinding drug rehab UnitedHealthcare will cover is not as difficult as it once was, before recent changes to the national insurance industry landscape. When you have an insurance policy by a recognized and reputable brand, such as UnitedHealthcare, you have an asset that can help you get the treatment you need. Using your insurance policy you can go through detox, into rehab and beyond, into sustainable recovery for a better future.

Finding Drug Rehab UnitedHealthcare Will Cover

If you have a UnitedHealthcare insurance policy but don’t know what it covers for detox and rehab, all you need to do is call a detox program that will provide these answers for you. By using the details on your insurance card, a detox facility can verify your benefits and provide you with a clear picture of how you can gain drug rehab UnitedHealthcare will cover. You’ll likely be surprised how much help your insurance policy will provide for your recovery.

Before you can go through rehab for drug or alcohol addiction, you’ll likely need to go through detox. Medically supervised detox is a safe and comfortable pathway to addiction treatment in rehab. Insurance companies like UnitedHealthcare generally provide some coverage of detox, as it is a critical step to better wellness for their policyholders suffering from addiction. You can make one call to a medically-supervised detox program to discuss your own detox, while also verifying benefits for rehab.

How Drug Rehab Coverage by UnitedHealthcare has Recently Improved

In recent years, UnitedHealthcare coverage for drug rehab has vastly improved. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 and other legislation enabled this improvement. Before these legislative improvements, few insurance policies covered detox or rehab treatment for addiction. Using health insurance coverage, more of the 1.6 million people in L.A. and Orange Counties than ever before, suffering from drug addiction, can access the help they need.

UnitedHealthcare and other insurance companies now recognize that healthy policyholders are the least expensive ones. By helping their policyholders to treat addiction for sustainable recovery, these insurance companies realize that their profitability will also benefit. This means that addiction detox and rehab benefits everyone, from the patient and their family to the insurance provider.

If you have an insurance policy through UnitedHealthcare and need treatment for addiction, you should try to gain the best treatment you possibly can under that policy. You should also stay in treatment for as long as the policy allows, to ensure that your recovery is the strongest, and most sustainable possible. Your treatment will begin in a quality detox program where your benefits under UnitedHealthcare can be verified. After detox, your benefits will possibly cover rehab treatment through a quality rehab in Orange County.

New Start Recovery Provides Medically-Supervised Detox that Accepts UnitedHealthcare

New Start Recovery, with locations in Tustin and Santa Ana, California, provides Orange County patients with comfortable, amenity-rich, medically-supervised detox for addiction. Patients with UnitedHealthcare or other insurance can likely gain this detox and subsequent rehab with the support of their policy. To find out what your UnitedHealthcare policy will cover, simply call New Start Recovery to verify your benefits.

At New Start Recovery, you will have the privacy and dignity you need while undergoing comfortable detox. Supportive addiction specialists and medical professionals supervise your withdrawal process every step of the way. You are also provided with healthy nutrition, daily housekeeping and other care to enhance your comfort and wellness throughout the process.

When you or someone you love are ready to overcome addiction and enter recovery, call New Start Recovery at 855-737-7363 to verify your insurance.