How You Can Be Supported in Drug Rehab With Cigna Health InsuranceLocating Cigna Health Insurance-approved drug rehab can feel overwhelming. You may spend a great deal of time reviewing programs for detox and rehab, without making any decisions because you question whether the facility will accept your insurance.

In reality, finding Cigna Health Insurance-approved drug rehab is easier than you may think. You simply need to speak with a quality detox center to gain guidance and support that begins with verification of your insurance and continues as you proceed with treatment.

How You Can Be Supported in Drug Rehab With Cigna Health Insurance

Not too long ago, health insurance didn’t support any form of detox or rehab for addiction. But the Affordable Care Act and other legislation have worked to enable many patients to gain the addiction recovery help they need using their insurance policy.

Drug addiction is now recognized as a legitimate, treatable disease that requires health care treatment. This means that all you need to do is to find out what your Cigna policy covers and how you can use those benefits to their fullest.

Detox is the first step for drug rehab with Cigna Health Insurance. So your best bet is to act now by reaching out to a quality detox center to have them review your policy with Cigna and establish which benefits may be used toward detox and into rehab.

You should ask the detox facility the following questions when you speak with them:

  • Does my policy cover detox and drug rehab with Cigna health insurance?
  • Will your facility accept my policy?
  • Is there a daily maximum for benefit coverage for detox?
  • What services are covered, and which ones will be out-of-pocket?

By asking these questions, you can learn a great deal about what services your policy will cover, as well as how that detox facility can meet your needs.

How your treatment is paid for through a Cigna-approved alcohol detox varies according to the following factors:

  • Where you reside
  • Whether the policy has been previously used for detox or rehab
  • Specific plan allowances
  • Type of treatment sought
  • Other variables that can be clarified through a conversation with the detox center’s insurance verification specialist

Luxurious Surroundings Are Possible for Detox and Drug Rehab with Cigna Health Insurance

At New Start Recovery, you can likely use your Cigna health insurance policy to gain the luxurious detox treatment you need in beautiful surroundings with amenities such as gourmet cuisine prepared by a professional chef. At New Start Recovery in Tustin and Santa Ana, patients enjoy the following while ensuring they safely and comfortably get through detoxification:

  • Detox-focused treatment of a limited number of patients
  • Safety and security in a comfortable facility
  • Beautiful location
  • Professional staff providing individual counseling
  • Ongoing close monitoring toward progress and stability
  • Fun, recovery-based interaction
  • Dietary needs consideration, with daily fruit trays and snacks
  • Outdoor patio, posturepedic beds, comfortable lounges and big-screen TVs
  • Housekeeper for laundry and linens
  • Vaping and smoking in designated areas
  • Individualized treatment and support

Once you have received detox from alcohol or drug addiction in New Start Recovery, it will be time to transition into a rehab facility to complete your recovery. New Start Recovery provides individualized and group counseling to make this process easier.

Call New Start Recovery for Cigna Insurance Verification and Details of Coverage

For more information about what your individual Cigna insurance policy will cover toward detox, call New Start Recovery now at 855-737-7363. Your new life awaits through safe, secure and comfortable detox using your Cigna policy.