Orange County’s New Start Detox offers various drug detox programs for different abused substances and the range of effects addiction will have on the body and mind. Unfortunately, treating drug addiction is not as simple as treating a sickness which only afflicts the body, so it’s important to take the necessary time and commit to a full recovery. While treatment is not a quick and easy process, with the right program and support it’s possible to achieve a healthy and balanced life again. Different abused substances will have very different physical as well as mental and emotional consequences, which will require specific medical treatment. At New Start Detox’s drug detox program, the comprehensive care available provides both sub-acute detox as well as individual and group counseling, proper nutritional and dietary support and a beautiful, comfortable retreat to withdraw in a safe and comfortable environment.

What to expect with a Drug Detox Program

Through the evaluation for drug addiction detox it’s important to be honest in order to receive the highest quality of care from your drug detox program. Detoxification will be the first step in a comprehensive recovery plan based on your medical evaluation and counseling. Since different classifications of substances will have different effects on the body and mind through the withdrawal period, the intake process of documenting medical, drug and alcohol history is a critical time to determine what to anticipate in the days and weeks to come. Typically one can expect that the longer and more intense a substance was abused, the longer and more involving treatment will need to be. At New Start Detox, we offer treatment through the withdrawal period as well as facilitating the next phase of recovery. Through the process of withdrawal and residential treatment, having positive support available and following through with a long term relapse prevention plan is essential to maintaining sobriety. To begin the journey toward living free from addiction, taking the first step and obtaining professional help will ensure a safe and stable foundation from which to build a new beginning.

A variety of Drug Detox Programs are available at New Start

The main substances of abuse we specialize in are; alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, Xanax, benzodiazepines, and opiates such as heroin, oxycodone, Vicodin, methadone and Suboxone. The range of care available with our drug detox programs makes possible treatment for a variety of factors, including amount and type of drug usage and relevant medical or psychological conditions. This is an important distinction to understand because opiate detoxification can be quite different from alcohol detoxification, and the treatment of withdrawal symptoms will vary. With many addictive prescription drugs being used to treat a variety of conditions, it’s necessary to evaluate the source of drug use and treat both addiction and the root cause. This is also a valuable time to incorporate dual diagnosis care into your personalized treatment plan. Addiction left untreated will have both physical and psychological consequences. It’s essential to not only treat and heal the physical withdrawal symptoms, but to address the mental and emotional challenges in facing life sober. While making the decision to seek help with substance abuse can sometimes be a confusing time, the freedom from addiction achieved from this process is a life changing, rewarding chance to make a new start.