Is your son an addict? Maybe it’s your husband, your daughter, a friend… no matter how this person relates to you, being the loved one of an addict is an incredibly confusing and tumultuous relationship. The outwardly explosive effect of substance abuse creates some pretty awful situations. A few scenarios come to mind: stealing, lying, overdose, neglected children, failed potential… How do you help someone who either doesn’t want help, or isn’t ready for it?

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You’re Not the Only Powerless One

We are the first to admit that addicts are accountable for their actions. But part of the reason their recovery is either flailing or a non-starter is that they can’t admit their powerlessness over drugs and alcohol. Understanding the role of control for both addicts and loved ones is essential to moving forward. We address these blogs to loved ones.


Discussion Topics

  • Recognizing the signs of addiction
  • Getting your addict into treatment
  • Understanding your own emotions
  • Helping versus enabling