The staff is most likely the greatest staff in the drug detox industry. Everyone is extremely passionate about their work, and naturally I benefited greatly from it. Honestly I personally wouldn’t change a thing with the structure of this business. I feel better than I have felt in eight years, and I don’t think it is a coincidence. I think it has to do with how New Start conducts their business! The staff here at New Start is absolutely incredible! All of my fellow clients here agree, that this is the best facility they have experienced in the detox stage of their addictions. I love every staff member with all of my heart, but the staff members that stand out the most would be David, Cassandra, Heidy, Ramona, Joe and Lupe. Chris is an amazing person. David has inspired me to open up about my issues on AA and my higher power. I am in a huge debt to these people for saving me! Thank you eternally!. Anonymous