Joy, love, family, connection. These are some of the biggest cornerstones of the holiday season. While we go to great lengths to share gifts, hugs, and food with our loved ones to celebrate these cornerstones, our lack of effort in supporting our sober loved ones may be festering unnoticed. (Note: your sober loved ones definitely notice.)

So, let’s focus on things we can do this holiday season to make sure we’re supporting our loved ones’ sobriety — starting with non-alcoholic holiday drinks!

non-alcoholic holiday drinks

Attn: Serve Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drinks At Your Events

We as a country lament the incredibly unfortunate incidence of addiction in our nation. Fortunately, many people have been able to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety. Others are still working at it, with some being more susceptible to relapse than others. And others still are not quite ready to accept that they may have a substance abuse problem.

More than 15 million people in the U.S. suffer from alcohol use disorder (AUD)

Some of those people may openly and proudly admit to being in recovery while others would like to remain anonymous. In other words, you may not know how many of your loved ones would appreciate non-alcoholic options at holiday events.

5 Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drinks to Make (Sober) Spirits Bright:

Sparkling Cranberry Pomegranate Drink

This Sparkling Cranberry Pomegranate Drink is a no-brainer to include at any holiday event because of how easy it is to make. The majority of the mocktail is made up of pre-made cranberry pomegranate juice, so it’s perfect for throwing together quickly when you have a spare minute.

Christmas Morning Punch

Don’t let the name fool you — this Christmas Morning Punch pairs perfectly with breakfast, dinner, or dessert! The juice combination makes it a perfect option for kids as well.

Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

New Start is located in Southern California and met with beautiful weather year-round. But we know much of the rest of the country dreads the cold of fall and winter. Try warming your loved ones up with this Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate. It’s made in a slow cooker, so you can essentially just throw the ingredients together and let it cook itself.

Caramel Apple Pie Mocktail

Who said you can’t drink your pie?! The Caramel Apple Pie Mocktail is a nice option for holiday party guests who need a break from all the pumpkin and cranberry drinks that have become beacons of the fall and winter months. And we all know from sticky fair treats that few things that go together as well as apples and caramel.

Thin Mint Shot

It can get pretty bleak watching your loved ones take jello shot after jello shot at holiday parties. So, putting out some non-alcoholic shots could be a good way to include your sober loved ones in the fun. These non-alcoholic shots are made with Girl Scout Thin Mints, but almost any chocolate mint cookies will work.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that if your loved one is in early recovery, the action of “shooting” non-alcoholic holiday drinks may be triggering.

non-alcoholic holiday drinks

Other Ways to Support Your Sober Loved Ones

  • Don’t Ask Why Someone Isn’t Drinking

    It’s never appropriate to ask someone why they aren’t drinking. If a person wishes to remain anonymous in their recovery or simply doesn’t want the spotlight on that part of their life, the question can be awkward and stressful. On that same note, if you know your loved one is sober, it’s not your place to share that information with other friends or family members. Managing sobriety is a personal journey. If your loved one wants to explain why they opted to enjoy non-alcoholic holiday drinks this year, they’ll do so on their own.

  • Make Non-Alcoholic Options Easily Available

    Crafting non-alcoholic holiday drinks may seem too laborsome, especially if you’ve been tasked with preparing a whole holiday feast for your extended family. That doesn’t mean you can’t still create a supportive environment for your sober loved ones. Setting out an easy non-alcoholic station with juices, sodas, or non-alcoholic sparking cider is a good alternative to full-blown holiday mocktails.

Part of the recovery journey is learning to say no to temptation. Your sober loved ones may be well-versed in managing triggers. They may be experts at politely declining alcohol during the holidays. But that doesn’t mean that “normies” shouldn’t still foster a supportive environment and show love to their sober loved ones. Everyone deserves to feel the love, comfort, and magic of this festive season.

If your loved one is struggling with substance abuse and ready to get help, our addiction counselors are available 24/7 by phone: 855-737-7363