Hi! I didn’t have the email addresses for anyone in the facility directly and just wanted to write to say hi! I hope you guys are doing well! I wanted to thank you guys for everything you did for me, including treating me so incredibly well! I truly enjoyed my time there (except for the ridiculous withdrawal symptoms, lol). I do want to say that you guys kept every promise, especially making me as comfortable as I could possibly be while I was there. I miss Jan’s breakfast and Doug’s fast-paced activities. In fact there are things that I could say about everyone there that would take an entire essay so I’ll skip all that, but just know that every single person there I have warm and positive thoughts for. Each of you is a wonderful addition to the profession, and I just wanted to write you guys and let you know that. I have been meaning to for a while, but I was pretty busy in Arizona and with limited computer access for the first couple of weeks, and then it just got put aside. I didn’t want to let another day go by without expressing my appreciation. I don’t know who gets these emails, but I certainly hope that all of you get a chance to read it. You guys have wonderful personalities and stories that really help people get through everything. I will email again with an update on what’s going on with me. Not all positive, but hey I’m nothing if not complicated. I am clean though, and am very happy to tell you guys that. I’ll take most of the credit, lol, but I would have never ever gotten to the point where it was even a possibility without the help of Dr. Montano and all of you! Thanks guys! I hope that what felt like the 100 other clients I was there with on my extended stay are doing well and have given you guys updates! I’ll email again with a full story of what I have going on, and please feel free to write me down as a reference to anyone who may want to speak to past clients. Love you guys, Kunal